El Pájaro CDC offers free bilingual consulting and technical assistance to low and moderate -income business entrepreneurs who are starting or maintaining a business.  Clients meet with our consultants to receive one-on-one technical assistance in the areas:  

  • Pre-loan Application Packaging
  • Loan Application Preparation
  • Business License Application
  • Other Business Application Preparation
  • Marketplace Research & Analysis
  • Business Analysis & Performance
  • Financial Management
  • Business Acquisition Analysis

Business Resource Assistance
New or current business owners can obtain one-on-one professional consultant assistance on questions related to planning, managing and operating a business.  Receive assistance preparing applications for loans, business licenses or other applications related to your business.  

Pre-Loan Preparation & Loan Application Assistance
Are you thinking about applying for a loan for a new or existing business?  Talk with our consultants to learn about loan application processes, loan requirements, and loan reporting.  Our consultant will help you make an analysis of your loan needs and help you be sure that your application is prepared properly and ready for submission.  

Business Analysis & Performance
Do you have a new idea for a business or have plans for expanding your business?  Talk with our consultants about the feasibility and next steps of your business plans.  Consultants help business entrepreneurs understand the market, analyze the marketplace, and understand product demand.  Consultants help business owners analyze their business history to assess expansion plans.  

Financial Management
Whether you are a new or existing business, our consultant can help you with your financial management and reporting systems.  Our consultants offer business financial analysis and provide suggestions for improving financial systems.  Talk with our consultant about accounting software, financial reports, or financial requirements.  The analysis covers basic human resources management, inventory control and management, product services and price control, and record keeping systems.

Business Acquisition Analysis
Are you thinking about buying an existing business?  When you acquire a business you should make sure that you appraise it and buy it properly.  Check with our consultants about the feasibility of the business acquisition before you take out a loan or spend a large amount of money and time.  Our consultants can help you conduct an appraisal of the business, consider the benefits and downfalls of the plan, and make an informed decision about your business acquisition.