Success Stories

Lilia Gomez, More Than a Hair Cut

Twenty years ago, Gomez came to this exact hair salon in search of a job opportunity. Many obstacles came her way but that did not stop her from loving her job.

Her employer saw the potential that Lilia had as a women entrepreneur and her passion towards her work. A few years later she offered to sell the business and Lilia took the challenge and bought it. 

At first, Gomez was hesitant to take up this opportunity since she did not count with the capital needed to start and maintain a business. They told her “Keep the salon and you pay us as you can.”

Gomez took the opportunity and started looking for assistance. Gomez found El Pájaro CDC and started receiving support from Rocio our Business Development Manager. She assisted Lilia to get a loan.

Gomez was able to slowly pay for the salon and buy merchandise.

Gomez continues to come back to El Pájaro CDC to get assistance with creating her social media business pages and getting access to capital.

“Sometimes you need to sacrifice many things, to get to where you want.” Said Gomez.

Gomez future include expanding her business so that she can live a comfortable life and at the same time offering the best customer service More Than a Haircut salon clients can receive.

Success Stories

9.23.2023 | Conferencia de Liderazgo para Emprendedoras Latinas | Latinx Women in Business & Leadership Conference
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